Matches are registered automatically in the future

We are proud to announce that CsgoBet has finally become 100% automated in regard to data scraping. Our team has been working for a while on making the system automated and reliable, and it is now all done. This will affect you as I user in various ways.

  • Fewer typos
  • More up to date content
  • No missed matches

Fewer errors

Earlier, the data in our database was inserted manually, this lead to a lot of input errors, which you may have experienced as odd glitches on our FrontPage. This should hopefully be experienced much less frequently.

More frequent updates

Before, the data in our database relied on someone to input it. Sometimes, it would take hours for someone to input the data, which caused the results to not always being entirely up to date or the data being missed completely on days with much action. We have fixed this with a script which runs every five minutes, or 288 times a day; this should provide you with the most updated statistics at all time, every day.

When will the new scraper be active?

It already is! – Or to some point. The scraper only scrapes matches as they are played. The scraper has, as I am writing this, scraped roughly 100 matches which are stored in a secondary database. We expect to open the new database and replace the old one the 27. of February where we expect to have enough data for valid calculations.

  • Aselwyn1

    alot of the time i cant seem to figure out exactly how each teams name is spelled so can we have a list so i can stop seeing Your search gave no results

    • Andreas

      Hi, all team names are spelled like on so you can find all names there if needed. Also you don’t have to enter the entire name, just something like ‘fna’ for fanatc and then it will still recognize it, let me know if you have further trouble.

      • Aselwyn1

        LG makes it think i want CLG

  • Tobias Kammerer

    There is a bug in you overview when comparing two teams. There is always nuke as both their best and worst maps listed.

  • Aalewis

    Where the data gathered from? HLTV?

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